I am very lucky as I spend all my working hours doing what I’m passionate about. Furniture, Renovation , meeting new people , designing.

I am working on Kitchen/Garden room Extension for a Period home at present. Feeling very excited my inspirations are from Nature and Recycling, using metals such as powder black coated wrought iron , copper , wood , stained black oak , exposed brick , recycled exposed timbers , recycled retro tiles . A chandelier made from old sink chain, milk shake glasses and old cutlery.

I love Kitchens they are the centre of the house , the warm safe place where we spend so much time preparing food , eating , deliberating , decision making etc etc , kitchen should not only be functional but beautiful too.

Some of my most interesting projects have been created through the use of recycled wood sandblasted for beams , Salvaging old Door frames to re use mostly for inside Interiors as they would not stand up to exterior exposure, Wall panelling , sandblasted bricks, Antique Fabrics all to create atmosphere and complete originality in an otherwise bland new build.


I hate clutter , it’s unbalanced, fussy , unnecessary and certainly not healthy to live in a cluttered environment.

Simplicity and Balance are my key words in Design, this can be achieved through colour and placement, simple fabrics like sheer linen edged in a colour that contours and strengthens can be used for curtains.

Always bare in mind Balance when placing accessories and use black or dark charcoal to outline.

Just as touches of black or dark charcoal are incredibly important to highlight , strengthen and seal the finishing Interior of a room we should never under estimate plant life which can utterly transform.

I absolutely love this time of year because of the amazing colour Nature presents every Autumn . I raid my garden and the hedge rows for big branches of decaying green and brown leaves , Boston Ivy and Hydrangea heads which all look amazing just piled in a vase.

I love windows especially tall Georgian or Victoria windows . I love their height and form. Shutters look fabulous on these already beautiful windows but what if you haven’t got great windows and want to create an original look , using very simple frames with stretched linen inserted into the framework looks fabulous on both old and new windows

Interior Design a lot of people may think it’s a privilege to be an Interior Designer , that we spend our days wafting around waving our arms about Darlings discussing the Many shades of white. However this is not the case when I have Large build or restoration projects on like I have now my days are spent on a filthy building site knee heigh in whatever mud, concrete , Polished concrete you name it in a high viz Jacket and steel toe cap boots braving builders tea and the dust noise ( oh and those fabulous Porta Loos)

This is my life I love it sometimes glam but mostly down and dirty.

Interior Design is my passion I will be sending you some interesting features

This is a test page, I am a Designer not an Website expert so for me this is new territory . Watch this Space.